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Thank you so much for all of your prayers and intercessions.  The very atmosphere of our state is changing!

Save the date:  SATURDAY, MAY 19

CT Prays is holding a Pastors’ Breakfast and training rally at South Church, 277 Main Street, Hartford CT from 9:30-12:00.  Please come and invite your friends to join us and find out more about CT PRAYS.  We will share the vision of CT PRAYS plus help get churches & ministries started in holding their monthly day of prayer.  Let us know you’re coming, send us an email at

Here is a list of updated prayer points to share with your congregations as you pray for the next Great Awakening in New England and in Connecticut.  Please share this with your church prayer teams as you pray this month.  Also, share with us specific prayer points that your church or ministry are praying through as you pray for Connecticut.



Assisted Suicide and Anti-Pregnancy Center Bills Die in Committee

Both the assisted suicide bill and the bill censoring the advertising of pro-life pregnancy centers have “died in committee”…even though the Committee’s deadline is not until Wednesday.

FIC and our allies have won some tremendous victories against assisted suicide over the years, each time crushing it more than the time before. But we have never crushed it so much that the Committee decided against even holding a meeting on its “JF deadline.” That is something new.

Please keep praying?


All 151 House seats plus all 36 Senate seats plus Governor and all other statewide “constitutional offices” (AG, Comptroller, etc.) plus all five Congressmen are up for re-election in CT this year.  This is a precedent that rarely happens in our state.  There is a possibility of a major turnaround within just one election!

  • Pray that the Lord will raise up righteous men and women of God who will hear and answer the call to minister to our people through holding government offices both community-wide and statewide.
  • Pray the bills and ordinances will glorify the Lord and protect the people during this next session in our state government.

The assisted suicide bill proposal is up again for review to be passed.  This bill was defeated 3 years in a row (2013-2015).  Pray that it gets defeated again.

Pray there will be no more casinos introduced in our state.

At our last Hartford Concert of Prayer we learned that Connecticut is only one of 7 states that allow minors as young as 13 years old to have abortions without parental notification.  Because of that, our state is a prime target for sex trafficking.  Traffickers can come in with minors and legally be able to force these young girls to have abortions if they are impregnanted.


  • Pray for April 7 Strip Club Outreach Ministry Training Class
    There is a ministry connected with The Underground CT called “Loved-In”. A group of Christians, mostly women have been going into topless bars and strip clubs to make friends with the dancers.  They share the love of Jesus with them and a few of them have stepped out of that lifestyle as a result.  On April 7 they are holding a training class at Walnut Hill Community Church, Bethel CT.  For more information on Loved-In, go to:
  • Pray for the establishment of “Amirah House”. The Underground CT has a vision to help get a transitional home started for those who want to get out of sex trafficking but have no place to go.  This is a much-needed ministry, at this point there is no place like this in Connecticut.

The Underground CT is a grass-roots, faith-based initiative dedicated to ending sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in Connecticut.  Contact them at:

In case you didn’t know, there are a few statewide prayer networks that come together to pray specifically for our state government.  One is the CT CAPITOL PRAYER NETWORK, led by Pastor Marian McIntosh and Gregg Healey.  They meet with intercessors from around the state 11:30-1:00 on the 4th Friday of every month at the Connecticut State Capitol.  Please uphold them in your prayers as they pray for our legislators.

On Tuesday, April 24 they are holding a LEGISLATIVE PRAYER BREAKFAST at the State Capitol.  Contact your state senator and your representative, invite them to this breakfast.

Lucy Snow and Robin Hansen from HOUSE OF GOOD HOPE coordinate teams of intercessors to go into the CT State Capitol and pray for all those who work in our state seat of government.  They are now in the process of reorganizing the teams, please pray for them?  They are now issuing prayer points to their teams, below are a few of them:

  1. PRAY God will raise up bold, born-again Christians to serve in our State Government!!

    2. PRAY Christians will spread the word about this year’s election & VOTE!!

    3.  PRAY for supernatural intervention at each event on the National Day of Prayer!  And for great weather!!

    4.  PRAY hundreds of churches across CT will get involved with Connecticut Prays!!

    5. PRAY every state citizen personally invites their Representatives AND that every single state legislator attends the breakfast & joins as we pray in the Name of Jesus!!

    6.  PRAY God’s protection and wisdom for Peter Wolfgang and the Family Institute of CT.

    7.  PRAY for God’s protection for local Christian Radio Station WIHS – 104.9FM.  PRAY for His wisdom and guidance for the WIHS Board of Directors!


CT PRAYS is our state branch of NEW ENGLAND PRAYS, which is part of the New England Alliance.   It is our aim to cover the entire New England region with nonstop 24/7 prayer.

NEW ENGLAND ALLIANCE  hosts the 10 Days of Prayer across the country during the Jewish Fall
Feasts, this year will be September 10-20, 2018.  They hold a regional conference, RESTORE & REVIVE at Northfield Institute in Northfield MA immediately after that.  This past month the New England Alliance a powerful conference in Boston: OPEN THE GATES.  Dr. Paul Jehle from Plymouth MA and Chuck Pierce from Global Spheres in Corinth TX were the speakers.  You can watch the video of this last conference on their website.

Include your local town and church prayer points along with this prayer list and circulate it among your prayer team in your church.

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